Sunset Hills Missouri History

While today you will mostly find luxurious Sunset Hills homes for sale, the area was not always a suburb. It was a rural, sparsely populated area where people lived in farms and orchards. Watson Road, the main road got its name from Wesley Watson, owner of the sand and gravel used in construction. In 1932, Route 66 was aligned along Watson Road.

In 1949, Crestwood had grown into a city because World War II veterans had purchased their dream houses in the suburbs. Sunset Hills, however, did not grow as fast since the farms had to be subdivided and developed but in 1957, it was incorporated into a city to avoid being annexed by Kirkwood.

Sunset Hills boasts of an outdoor sculpture garden called Laumeier Sculpture Park which has many large sculptures and rotating indoor exhibitions.

Community center

If you are looking to attain any fitness or health goals, then the Sunset Hills Community Center is well-equipped for all your needs. It has 20 cardio equipment comprising bikes, elliptical, treadmills, E-Spinner, and striders. The center also a couple of sections of free weights ranging from heavyweight to lightweight dumbbells. We have a gym, full-body circuit and meeting rooms available for use and rent by both residents and non-residents.

Watson Trail Park

The city’s largest trail park is at 12450 West Watson Road, and it operates from morning till evening. Some of the facilities you can find at the trail park include:

  • Playgrounds
  • Picnic sites
  • Tennis grounds
  • Basketball Court
  • Hole Disc golf course
  • Acre Lake
  • Picnic shelters
  • Sand volleyball court
  • Aquatic facility with three pools

Minnie Ha Ha Park

In July 2005, Sunset Hills opened Minnie Ha Ha Park which is at the Meramec River, south of Highway 30. It comprised the Minnie Ha Ha Beach which was popular in the 1930s, and although the three picnic shelters can be reserved, you can still find other amenities such as:

  • Three soccer fields
  • Walking trails
  • Three playground areas
  • A spectacular view of the Meramec River

Kitun Dog Park

In July 2014 The Dog Park opened following the collaboration of Crestwood and Sunset Hills cities in creating a community dog park. You can find the dog park in Sunset Hills at Kitun Park, off Eddie and Park road. Membership cost $40 per year for Sunset Hills and Crestwood resident while nonresidents pay $55, annually.

The city of Sunset Hills Park & Recreation Department handles membership registrations and any inquiries. The park is open to both small and large dogs which are kept separate, and if you need a tag, you can get one at Sunset Hills Community Center at 3915 S, Lindbergh Sunset Hills, MO 63127.

Athletic Complex

Sunset Hills city has six athletic fields which are available for hire and used for tournaments athletic associations and softball leagues. The fields are at two different locations: at 801 Old Gravis Road are two unlighted soccer fields while at 13555 West Watson Road are three lighted fields and one unlighted field.

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