Browse Month: July 2018

The Bryzos Bid Blaster is Right for You!

Bryzos is an online marketplace that was developed and founded by steel industry veterans. This marketplace allows for steel goods, pipes, and accessories to be exchanged through buyers and sellers. Bryzos will disintermediate the marketplace by putting buyers and sellers in direct contact with each other in order to fulfill their needs. This online marketplace has been constructed so the transactions flow imitates the way transactions are conducted today via phone, email, or sometimes even fax. There is no marketplace like Bryzos because it is so unique for both the buyer and the seller.

The Bryzos marketplace is different than Amazon and eBay because this platform offers its buyers options. There are a couple different ways to buy and sell through Bryzos such as searching the listings or using Bryzos new feature, the Bid Blaster. The Bid Blaster is an online, negotiating system that will create buyer confidence which will help drive the marketplace. There are a few steps required when using the Blaster: entering your BOM (Bill of Material), entering specifics about the deal, and submitting the BOM to the marketplace. Once your BOM is submitted to the marketplace, a wide range of suppliers will compete for your business. You will get quotes back from suppliers and then you will be able to counter/ reject/ accept the suppliers offer. Bryzos will bring you opportunities to sell to customers such as steel ranging from galvanized to carbon. Bryzos will create many opportunities for a buyer or seller to best fit their needs in this new online marketplace.