Voluntary Sector Intelligence

Regional Voices aims to support the voluntary and community sector (VCS) to influence policy makers and commissioners in health and care - and for that it is useful to have clear evidence of what it is you want to change and how you want to change it. 

On this page you will find resources and examples of the different ways that the VCS is using evidence to influence commissioners locally. 

Better Data: Making the third sector business case for health improvement 

This project aims to assist the VCS in using open source or free data sources to effectively support business case development. The project, a collaboration between Regional Voices, Public Health England and ConnectMore Solutions, aims to support the development of wider integration and transformation agenda across health and care. 

Better Data: An introduction to using publicly available health & wellbeing data and intelligence in business and service development in third sector organisations (May 2016) - this guide describes why and how publicly available data and intelligence should be used in business and service development.

Better Data Phase 2 Report - applying public health sector data to build the business case for your service (May 2016) - this report summarises the work undertaken in the project in 2015.

Better Data Case Study (May 2016) - a case study describing how some of these tools have been used by Derventio Housing Trust.

Better Data: Briefing (August 2014) - briefing on the available tools and resources to help organisations evidence need, impact and service quality.

Better Data: Project Review (July 2014) 

Influencing JSNA's 

In some areas VCS evidence has historically been excluded from joint strategic needs assessments for different reasons, including not "fitting" with the larger data sets or being so rigorously tested. 

Intelligence from the VCS can complement statutorily collected data to offer a richer, more accurate and up to date picture of local communities. Regional Voices, together with the NHS Confederation and the Local Government Association have produced a publication for health and wellbeing boards (and their component commissioners and policy makers) about the value of the intelligence held by the voluntary and community sector.

Comparing Apples with Oranges - How to make better use of voluntary and community sector evidence to improve health outcomes (August 2014)

Resource bank - how other VCS organisations are influencing JSNA.

Case Studies

Examples of the different ways that the voluntary sector is using its evidence to influence health commissioners locally (2014): 

Other resources

Regional Voices has also been supporting the Health and Care Voluntary Sector Strategic Partnership Programme develop webinars to share learning around JSNA and evidence with the wider voluntary sector. Link to access webinar presentations.

We have also collated a resource bank of open source public health data which may be of interest to VCS organisations working in health and care and a bank of resources about how other VCS organisations are influencing JSNA.

And in recognition that it's not just what you know but who you know- here's a link to the Regional Who's Who Guides in Health and Social Care.