Self-Care: Everybody's Talking About It - New Resources from Regional Voices

Health and social care in England are facing unprecedented challenges. Our organisations and institutions are at a capacity and financial precipice. Without radical change future need and demand for services will not be met. People are living longer with increasing health needs. New developments in healthcare are driving up the cost of interventions. Public expectations of health and care services increase year on year. Non-communicable diseases, (cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes etc.) are on the rise; with lifestyle choices contributing significantly. As a result, demands for services are rising at an alarming and unsustainable pace.

Many of the answers lie in system-wide changes to the way we organise delivery of health and care, and cultural change in our use of services. Supporting people to better manage their own health, to self-care, is one of the answers now enshrined in national policy and guidance. Several policy papers, including the NHS Five Year Forward View, suggest that the Voluntary and Community sector has a vital contribution to make in supporting people to self-care.

With these new resources we aim to increasing understanding amongst commissioners of the contribution the voluntary and community sector make as enablers of self-care.

Self-Care and the VCS Briefing (PDF) 

Self-Care and the VCS Discussion Paper (PDF)

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