Actions to Deliver a ‘New Relationship with People and Communities’

The People and Communities Board has published a series of ‘high impact actions’ for accelerating the adoption of person- and community-centred approaches to health and care. The board was asked to develop the recommendations by Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England.

A new relationship with people and communities’ sets out six key actions that will help to deliver Chapter Two of the Five Year Forward View, which  set out the vision of a health and care system which fully engages people in their health, care and wellbeing. 

The People and Communities Board exists to champion the Five Year Forward View vision and commitments and more broadly ensure that person-centred care and community-centred services are embedded in the Five Year Forward View programme, and also to harness the expertise of patients, service users, engaged citizens, the voluntary sector, and other stakeholders, providing a support and challenge function in relation to the delivery of the commitments across the whole of the Five Year Forward View, including those that relate to prevention and new models of care.

Regional Voices is a member of the People and Communities Board and contributed to this new report.

Download the report

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