Devolution Survey - Has Your Organisation Been Involved?

The devolution agenda is continuing to roll out with 12 areas across England now having Devolution Deals in place, and deals in more areas up for negotiation. 

Devolving power to local communities offers huge potential to give people a greater say in shaping the areas they live in, but to date engagement with local people and the voluntary and community sector has been patchy. 

We have teamed up with NCVO, Locality, NAVCA and CFG to build a better picture about the level of local engagement with voluntary and community organisations in devolution areas. 

By responding to this short survey (it should take no longer than five minutes) you can help provide vital information about whether local areas are truly engaging with their local communities. 

The survey will also help us as we continue to work with partner organisations to identify how greater community engagement can be achieved. The survey will run until 16 September.

Take the survey.

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