NHS Five Year Forward View- a preventative approach welcome

Regional Voices, as part of the The Health and Care Voluntary Sector Strategic Partnership welcome the long view taken in the NHS England Five Year Forward View, particularly with its emphasis on more control for patients, families and communities; better models of care; promoting wellbeing and ill health prevention through partnership working. We are pleased to see that NHS England and Public Health England are working closely together to promote a healthier nation (with concurrent publication of PHE's priorities in From Evidence into Action Opportunities to Protect and Improve the Nation's Health) and that this resonates with the new preventative duty brought in with the Care Act. The voluntary and community sector (VCS) is well placed to support system partners co-produce both innovative and  integrated ways of working that promote better models of care and wellbeing. 

In particular the we welcome:

  • The focus on "stronger partnerships with charitable and voluntary sector organisations" and of an understanding of diverse roles the sector can play in supporting healthy people and healthy communities. We would like to thank Simon Stevens for listening to the Strategic Partners about the challenges facing the VCS- barriers to our contribution to the health of the nation. We welcome the commitment to developing a shorter national alternative to the NHS standard contract, to grant funding and to multiyear funding.

  • Recognition of the value of carers, volunteers and the wider VCS- to support people gain more control of their own care, and the commitment to work more closely with the VCS. 

  • Drive for more integrated care, between physical and mental health, between health and social care and between GPs and hospitals, between generalists and specialists. 

  • That NHS England is in agreement with the findings from Due North, that there's a need for stronger public health-related powers for local government- help communities take more control over their wellbeing.

  • Starting to break out of silo working and partner with DWP on work based health

We recognise the challenges faced by the health service, and the VCS is well placed to help find solutions. However, barriers do remain to full engagement of the VCS and the people it serves. In the responses below (to the NHSE 5 Year Forward View and accompanying Public Health England priorities, order to maximise VCS engagement we outline ways the sector can support a more effective preventative (or "demand reducing" approach) and highlight barriers to that engagement- with suggestions for overcoming them:

Health and Care Voluntary Sector Strategic Partner response to Public Health England Priorities- From Evidence into Action 

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