Supporting voluntary sector work with health and wellbeing boards - briefings published

Regional Voices is producing a suite of resources to support the voluntary and community sector work with new structures in the health and care landscape to promote the welfare of the communities the sector serves.  Health and wellbeing boards "go live" on the 1st of April and will have oversight of health commissioning in each local area, they will be responsible for developing the joint strategic needs assessment (JSNA) for the area and from that developing the joint health and wellbeing strategy. These processes will determine commissioning priorities in each local area.  The voluntary sector will need to work with the health and wellbeing board to ensure the needs and the assets of the communities it works with are understood and can be addressed through this new partnership working. This week we're launching a new briefing that will describe to health and wellbeing boards what the voluntary sector can do for them (such as access to community voices that may be difficult to reach and its expertise as a provider to help shape pathway and service development) and how best to engage with the sector and the communities we serve.  

This complements the briefing Regional Voices published last month giving the voluntary sector an overview of how to work with health and wellbeing boards to share knowledge of local issues, assets and needs to influence commissioning.


  Further resources on working with health and wellbeing boards, JSNA and JHWS