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Young Researchers required - National Children's Bureau- diabetes and experience of transition

The National Children's Bureau (NCB) are recruiting young people as researchers- from around the country- for two topics of research.

(1) The diabetes specialist group will be looking at several projects about children and young people's experiences of living with diabetes.

(2) The health transitions group is a project looking at older young people living with disabilities who may be making the move from children's health care to adult health care.

Healthwatch' Special Inquiry into Unsafe Discharge- how the VCS can link in

Healthwatch England, the "consumer champion of health and care", has launched a special inquiry to find out what happens to people discharged from a health and care setting: focusing on three groups -

Integrated personal commissioning- what does it mean for the voluntary sector?

The new chief at NHS England Simon Stevens, has set out plans for a new programme  for "integrated personal commissioning"(IPC)- personal health budgets coming together with personal care budgets. Regional Voices welcomes the principle, that to promote high quality person centred care- the best person to define what that care is, is the individual themselves.

Core funding and free training for health charities - 2015 GSK IMPACT Awards

The Kings Fund has announced the next round of grants from GSK: 

"GSK’s IMPACT Awards reward charities that are doing excellent work to improve people’s health. Organisations must be at least three years old, working in a health-related field in the UK, with income between £25,000 and £2 million. Up to 20 awards will be made ranging from £3,000 to £40,000 plus free training valued at up to £6,000. Organisations will also have a film made, receive help with press and publicity and be given a set of promotional materials."

Regional Voices- achievements in health and care in 13/14

Our main area of work in 13/14 was making sense of the new NHS landscape as it impacts on the voluntary and community sector across England- to support the voluntary sector promote community health and wellbeing. We:

Quick summary of duties around equalities in "new" health system

At today's Health and Care Voluntary Sector Strategic Partners meeting, the NHS England Equality and Health Inequalities Team presented where things are up to in acting as a system leader, commissioner and employer in addressing inequality.  It struck us that their summary of where the equalities duties lie in the reformed health system could be useful to the wider voluntary sector: 

Who's Who in the Regions in Health and Care- guides refreshed

A refresh of  popular Regional Voices' Who's Who Guides to the Regions- for Health and Social Care are being relaunched today, with new contacts added- including health and wellbeing board

Open data in health+care- a blueprint

If you've been getting your head around Care.Data or thinking about how you use "open source data" as part of your own business case (see our Evidence pages), then you may be interested in this report just published by NHS England and GovLab (at New York University- interesting choice..): "the open data era in health and social care" as "a blueprint" that aims to accelerate the use of open data in health and social care.

DH wish to increase befriending to help support older people live at home

The Homecare Innovation Challenge was run last year by the Department of Health on the Guardian Homecare Hub. The challenge invited ideas and new approaches from everyone interested in homecare, including people who receive homecare, care workers, local authorities, charities, care companies, communities and carers.

Hurd’s £40m fund is welcome, but the devil is in the detail

Voluntary sector organisations may wish to feed into the Office of Civil Society's consultation on the proposed one year grants to support organisations plan how they become sustainable. The consultation is open until 24th July and the funding likely to be available next financial year. Link to Sustainability Fund Consultation.


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