Grants are a fundamentally important part of the funding mix for voluntary sector organisations. Regional Voices aims to identify good practice and issues with commissioning the VCS (both through grants and contracts) in health, wellbeing and care in order to improve policy and both national and local practice, in partnership with the wider Voluntary Sector Health and Care Strategic Partnership.

Case Studies

Regional Voices has published the following case studies to illustrate effective and innovative use of NHS grants to work with the VCS to respond to the needs of patients and the public and to target health inequalities: 

  • Leeds North CCG, Leeds South and East CCG and the VCS – how two Clinical Commissioning Groups in Leeds have supported the VCS to develop and deliver services, establish partnerships and involve local people in health and wellbeing activities.
  • Calderdale CCG and the VCS – how Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group and the local VCS infrastructure organisation worked together to provide a range of grant investment and capacity building support.
  • Stockton Health Initiative Programme – how Public Health and the Clinical Commissioning Group partnered with the local VCS infrastructure organisation to deliver a grant programme for new and innovative projects.
  • Gloucestershire CCG Cultural Commissioning Grants Programme - how the CCG has commissioned practical opportunities through arts and culture to make a positive impact on health and wellbeing outcomes. 


Resources developed by the NHS in partnership with the voluntary sector to support the use of grants include:

The model grant agreement is kept under regular review and NHS England works with commissioners and the voluntary sector to develop new resources - if you have any feedback or suggestions please contact