NHS Five Year Forward View

The NHS Five Year Forward View was launched in 2014 and sets out a shared vision for the future of the NHS based around the new models of care. 

Regional Voices is working with NHS England to support the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector (VCSE) understand and engage with NHS commissioners around the NHS Five Year Forward View.

Our work to engage with the NHS Five Year Forward View has included:

  1. Promoting proportionate funding mechanisms for the voluntary sector, including working with NHS England on the development of a shorter form NHS Standard Contract and development of resources that promote use of grants in health.
  2. Supporting regional engagement between NHS commissioners, the VCSE and the people it supports, particularly around primary care (co) commissioning, promoting best practice in engagement with the VCSE and the people it supports.
  3. Promoting VCSE understanding of, and involvement, in service redesign and new models of care - particularly helping to link the sector with integration initiatives such as the Vanguards and Integrated Personalised Commissioning

Regional Voices is a partner in Realising the Value, an 18 month programme funded by NHS England to support the NHS Five Year Forward View. The programme was set up to support the NHS Five Year Forward View vision to develop a new relationship with people and communities. The programme sought to enable the health and care system to support people to have the knowledge, skills and confidence to play an active role in managing their own health and to work with communities and their assets. You can find all the Realising the Value reports in our Resources section. 


Vanguard sites are NHS organisations and partnerships which take the lead on the development of new models of care which will act as blueprints for the NHS. The following Regional Voices briefings (all published in 2015) explain the role of the Vanguards and give examples of VCSE involvement. 

Vanguards and the New Models of Care

Vanguard sites in the North East

Vanguard sites in the North West

Vanguard sites in Yorkshire and Humber 

Vanguard sites in the South East

Vanguard sites in London

Regional Voices has also contributed to the Vanguards Support Directory:

Vanguards Support Directory (2015)

Sustainability and Transformation Plans are joint plans for long term, place based planning and commissioning of services.

Sustainability and Transformation Plans briefing (2016)


To find out what is happening in your area, contact your regional network.